Pick cherries in the great outdoors! The sweet,
fully ripe cherries are superb!


Detail for access (Access map)

  • 40 minutes. by car from the Hokkaido Expressway Takikawa Interchange, or 30 minutes. by car from downtown Furano
  • 2 hours 30 minutes. by car from New Chitose AirPort
  • 1 hour. by car from Asahikawa
  • 2 hours. by car from Sapporo
  • Car navigation map number, 450-518-755*03
  • Visitors who access our Farm by public transportation.
    ・We don't have a direct local bus , or pick-up service from JR Ashibetsu Station to our Farm.
    ・It is so far that it is impossible to walk from JR Ashibetsu Station to our Farm. Please take a taxi, because there is no other public transportations. It takes about 15 minutes, and the taxi fare is approximately 1300 Yen.
    ・The nearest JR station is Kami-ashibetsu. But there is neither public transportations nor the taxi at Kami-Ashibetsu Station.
    ・So please get off at JR Ashibetsu with taxi stop in front of the station.

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