Welcome to Ohashi Cherry Farm!.

Safety and delicious cherries which enable
to make small children eat with security.

Cherries of more than 30 varieties and 1,500 trees.
You can compare eating lots of varieties!

All-you-can-eat without a time limit!
Enjoy yourself to your heart's content.

All-weather type dome covers all fields,
47,000 square meters! No worry even in rain.

Our well-maintained cherry trees are low.
Easy picking for children.

The healthy food is from the healthy earth.
We are making golden healthy and good soil.

We are growing our cherries with utmost care with the experience gained over 50 years.
This taste to everyone from Ashibetsum Hokkaido.

Easy to go to futher fields!
The courtesy car service is available.

One-point of cherry picking

How to choose good cherries

Pick bright red cherries.
Cherry ripening goes from the place gets a lot of sunlight. Pick enough sunlight cherrie than shade. Trees have the natural habit that goes their nutrient to more and more high. Cherries are also bigger and richer flavor on the top of trees. We have a lot of the step ladder in Farm. They are all free to use. ※ Please be careful not to turn over the step ladder! (It is easy to turn over when the step ladder is opened a little. And also when it is opened too much, it is easy to break down. Please use with caution.)
If they are same varieties, cherry trees with larger leaves is more delicious. There may be many people who think Sato-Nishiki is the most delicious, but it is depend on seasonal varieties and personal tastes. Please taste several varieties.

How to cerry cherries(when you take out cherries)
To visitors who come from far as like Honshu, etc. and want to take out cherries picked by yourselves, we recommend to use cooler boxes. It will cause too soft and easy to spoil cherries, when you carry cherries to long distance only by our free served packing bags. Also cherries in the car for a long time will drop freshness by high temperature. Please be careful. There are styrofoam boxes and ice packs with an additional charge. Feel free to ask for use.

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